Automatic stirrup bending machine model 2020 of Phuc Long is the utmost standard version now, operation speed 15 pcs/ minute – above 2 tons/ day, above 20 kinds of stirrup shapes which are tight, correct size, non-curly. For price matter, we have been still keeping the same best price for our customers’ advantages to their other competitors

Video: The utmost standard version 2020 of automatic stirrup bending machine

What is the automatic stirrup bending machine used for? How popular is it in the market? Its functions are straightening, bending and cutting for making stirrups such as triangle, hexagon, rectangle, pentagon, circle, hooks….applied in the construction and handicraft. In case that we make a lot of stirrups by manual bending tools, it will take much money and too much time to keep up with the progress of contruction. These problems are well solved thanks to Phuc Long automatic stirrup bending machine.

Video: Popular Application of Automatic Bending Machine in the construction field

The hydraulic technology is mainly applied in our stirrup bending machine and it is really important in creating pressure to pull, straighten, bend iron wire and finally make stirrups.

Let’s review some details of machine for comprehension of maintenance

  • Oil tank is with 60-70L that keeps the temperature low or at the safe threshold
  • Oil is pumped to valve, cylinder to carry out all functions in program
  • Oil pump design VP20 can give pressure of 70kg/cm2 easily and has enough power to pull, bend and cut. Users should use the kind of oil of No.10/32 so as to avoid the unexpected/ unwanted errors.
  • Hydraulic valve system contribute a quite important role to conduct oil to the right parts for bending and cutting functions….

So it is really significant to pay attention to this part of hydraulic technology in selecting machine for purchase. Strenght and duration are the attributes or properties to check. In Phuc Long factory we shall experience testing all functions for the decision of purchase. We’re so proud and confident to work with our honored customers for your comfort.

Coming to Phuc Long you shall have good experiences on the machines and good service of warranty of 12 months. Moreover the service of repair has always been in time and soon for customers’ pleasure during 15 years on

Some specifications of PhucLong automatic stirrup bending machine:

  • Motor 3hp Taiwan – 50/60 Hz – 200V/380V
  • Hydraulic vane pump VP20 Taiwan – pressure 70kg/cm3
  • Hydraulic cylinder Taiwan
  • Hydraulic valve TaiHue – Taiwan – 02-3C2 220V-50Hz
  • Orbit hydraulic motor 200-250
  • Steel C45/ SKD Japan – Standard heat process – Good resistance against erosion
  • Control panel with Delta touchscreen and PLC device integrated with software
  • Dimension: 1800x1000x500 mm
  • Weight: 350kg
  • Framework : solidity with square tubes
  • Product capacity: 14-15pcs/ minute – above 2 tons/ day

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